The OUSD planning process continues for new construction and other proposed campus improvements at Claremont Middle School. A new update from the district (see below) states that the initial phase of construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in spring 2018, with further details about the project to be presented at a community meeting tentatively scheduled for next month.

PROJECT BACKGROUND: In February 2015, a late-night fire struck the Claremont Middle School cafeteria building, and while no one was injured in the blaze, the structure was damaged beyond repair. During the 2015 summer break, a temporary kitchen and cafeteria facility was installed next to the school gym at the northeast corner of the campus. Meanwhile, the district initiated plans to combine insurance settlement money from the fire with voter-approved school bond funds to implement significant improvements to the Claremont campus, including a permanent replacement for the burned cafeteria.

DESIGN PROPOSALS: At community engagement meetings in April 2016 and October 2016, OUSD representative Liz Sullivan and archtiect Susannah Meeks presented preliminary design proposals for the project. Recaps of those meetings, including illustrations of proposed campus plans, are available on the school Web site here and here. According to the most recent statement from OUSD, the scope of the project will include demolition of the old cafeteria building and construction of a new multi-purpose building on the north side of campus adjacent to Birch Court. The new building will house a permanent kitchen and a new indoor basketball court. The existing gym will remain as is.

HOW TO STAY INFORMED: Project updates and announcements about future community meetings will be published here on the school Web site as the information becomes available. Project information also will be published at (click the “Subscribe to Quarterly News & Updates” link to receive automatic updates via email).


March 29, 2017

The Claremont Cafeteria Construction Project and associated campus improvements remains in the design and development stage. A site survey is in progress which will ensure there are no underlying issues that could impact the construction of a new cafeteria/multipurpose space. The proposed multi purpose building will be located along the Birch Ct. side of campus. This building will house a new school kitchen designed to meet OUSD Finishing Kitchen criteria which promotes fresh meal service for students and dining space with removable tables. The space will also have a middle school-sized basketball court. Tentatively, space will also included a stage for various musical, theater arts, and presentation needs.The initial stage of work to be done on campus will take place prior to any building being constructed, and this will potentially include demolition of the old cafeteria, classroom access work and bathroom repairs to the building now housing Special Day classes and Art, the installation of a concrete pad for the foundation of our new multi purpose room, and the installation of an artificial turf field and surrounding running track along the Miles side of campus.

The survey work, design, and pricing for these elements is not complete and as such, some elements may not be part of the initial stage of construction which is tentatively scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018. Our project budget is $7 million dollars which includes bond measure funds as well as insurance settlement funds These funds are separate from the OUSD operating budget and not impacted by the OUSD spending freeze. For more information about the Claremont Kitchen Project see the attached fact sheet from OUSD. A community meeting is tentatively scheduled for late May by which time more specific details should be available.

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  • New multi-purpose building to house the functions of the kitchen, cafeteria, stage and performance space, as well as an athletic court;
  • Renovations in building C to accommodate three SDC classrooms with accessible compliant path of travel and compliant restrooms;
  • Evaluation and proposed modifications to the existing fire alarm detection within Bldg C ;
    Site work, which will include demolition of existing cafeteria; and removal of existing portables Accessible Path-of
  • Travel to Bldg C, to new MP Bldg, to parking, etc. as required; Landscaping reorganization and minimum improvements surrounding new work;
  • Artificial turf field


$7M Project Budget
($6.5M Construction Budget) funded by Measure J & B Bond
This project originated after a fire burned out the existing Claremont Middle School Cafeteria in February 2015. The cafeteria reconstruction, to be paid for by insurance reimbursement, was an opportunity for the school to envision further improvements to their campus. Various site layout options were explored over the past year to determine a comprehensive site plan that could address some of the existing site deficiencies as well as the intended future mission or direction of the Claremont Middle School. The upcoming Turf Field Improvement project and Bond project funding, can thus be combined with the cafeteria insurance money, and support a physical transformation of the campus.


  • Concept Design phase completed in 2016
  • Schematic Design phase to begin Spring 2017
  • Surveying and Geotechnical investigation and reporting will be completed in Spring 2017


Board Approval Measure J ($3.6 Million) — October 2015
Board Approval Measure B ($2.5 Million) — Anticipated April 2017 with Proposed Spending Plan
Multi-Purpose Building Targets: bidding in Summer 2017; finish construction Fall 2018
Site work/Field/
Bldg C
Targets: bidding in Spring 2018; finish construction Summer 2018
March 29 2017