Clubs, clubs and more clubs

6th Grade Lunch Clubs
Tuesday: All teachers available in their classrooms
Wednesday and Thursday: Tutoring with Ms. Riley – Room 8

7th / 8th Grade Lunch Clubs
EVERY DAY: Tutoring with Riley+Boutrosin – Room 16B
Tuesday: Student Council – Cafeteria
Wednesday: GSA with Ms. Jimenez – Room 8
Wednesday: Genius club with Ms. Lehman – Room 26
Wednesday: Music club with Mr. Brown

Before School for all grades (7:40-8:20)
0 Period: Jazz

After school for all grades
Monday: Math club with Ms. Boutros
Thursdays: Magic the Gathering club with Mr. Watson – Room 17
Thursday: Board games with Ms. Youts

Club Descriptions:

6th Grade Lunch Clubs

6th grade school support in each of our classrooms
What: Teacher support for Math (Zelie) English (Lozito) Science (Youts) and History (Fortaleza) including help on homework, make-up missed work, tutoring
When: Tuesdays during lunch
Where: In that teacher’s classroom

The Science Club (AKA THe GeNIUS TeAm)

What: We do science experiments, engineering design challenges and neighborhood field trips! The team members halve already made ice cream, have done dry ice experiments, as well as “Iron stomach” food challenges and science equipment challenges. We have adopted the responsibilities of last year’s Civic Action Club to continue to clean the storm drains of litter and leaves on Miles and Birch in Oakland’s Public Works “Drains to Bay” Program. We have also gone on walking field trips in Rockridge’s businesses and parks. We plan to organize Claremont’s STEAM Knight on Pi Day in March as well as participate in OUSD’s Science Fair in May. All 7th and 8th graders are welcome!
When: Wednesdays during 2nd Lunch
Where: Room 26

Board Games with Ms. Youts

Objective: Boost development of logical, spatial, deductive/additive reasoning, critical thinking, risk-taking, and interpersonal skills through board gaming in small groups. But mostly to have good clean fun with a little community of game lovers.

Set-up: Weekly meetings in classroom #1. For each three week cycle:

  • Week 1- learn and trial play with whole group
  • Weeks 2 and 3: play for real and close with a brain break game (such as Happy Salmon) and a reflection: Thank a mistake, lessons learned and positive take-always.

What kinds of games? 2+ players. Can be explained within 6 minutes. Few pieces. Can be completed in ~45 minutes. Losing turns are only random. Balance of strategy and luck. Social deduction is a plus… being able to track data is a plus… Preference for games that build skills in prediction (Othello/Reversi) (Pente) (Connect 4), calculation (Hive) (Jaipur) (King of Tokyo), teamwork (Codenames), dexterity (Suspend) (Pick-Up Stix), pattern identification (Set) (Sequence) (Coda), and simple deductive and additive reasoning (Mastermind). Also go-with-the-flow games for low risk (Mancala) are good for just getting into a game.