Claremont Middle School follows California state curriculum standards covering English and language arts, mathematics, history and social science, and science. Within this framework, our teachers work in teams to create their own curricula and teaching plans.

Required Classes

  • 6th Grade: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Earth Science, P.E.
  • 7th Grade: English Language Arts, World History, Math, Life Science, P.E.
  • 8th Grade: English Language Arts, U.S. History, Math, Physical Science, P.E.


Claremont offers elective classes focusing on art & digital media, choir, computer science, Spanish, yearbook, as well as a district-supported program dedicated to African American Male Achievement.

Advisory Class

Four days a week, our bell schedule includes a 35-minute Advisory period for students in all grades. This class time is used to promote positive school climate and culture, social and emotional development, and targeted learning in a variety of areas. Advisory period includes silent reading time, during which students can read books of their own choosing to match their reading level and personal interests. Frequent check-ins with Advisory teachers ensure that every student is well known by at least one teacher who can be their advocate for social and academic success.