Want to look at your child’s attendance? Want to know how they are doing in their classes? Did you want to see your child’s report card but can no longer find the paper?

Aeries, which can be accessed at parent.ousd.org is a resource that you can use for all of the following tasks:

  • Update your contact information / confirm your data
  • Check student attendance
  • Look up class schedule
  • Check on current grades
  • Look up former report cards
  • Check on test scores
  • and more!!

It is expected, to support students, that families are looking at parent.ousd.org weekly with their child to see how they are doing, especially gradebook wise!

If this is your first time logging in, it will ask you for a few pieces of information. One of which, you can only get from the school – a verification code. Please email Ms. Gonzalez – marta.gonzalez@ousd.org for all the info you need to log in and support your student!

Aeries Student Information System