Teachers & Staff


Name Grade(s) Class Email
Ari Brown 6-8 Music ariel.brown1@ousd.org
Santiago Bustamante 6-8 SDC / TACLE Program santiago.bustamante@ousd.org
Rushelle Carriere 7 English rushelle.carriere@ousd.org
Christine Dychinco 8 Math christine.dychinco@ousd.org
Caitlin Fallahay 8 English caitlin.fallahay@ousd.org
Jhunehl Fortaleza 6 English/Social Studies jhunehl.fortaleza@ousd.org
Antonio Gulley 6-8 Physical Education antonio.gulley@ousd.org
Sylvia Hahn 7 Learning Center Specialist sylvia.hahn@ousd.org
Alicia Jimenez 8 Learning Center Specialist alicia.jimenez@ousd.org
Pamela Johnson 6-8 Physical Education pamela.johnson@ousd.org
Ian Kaferle 7 Social Studies ian.kaferle@ousd.org
Sara Kahn Stip Sub sara.richard@ousd.org
Daniel Leal 6-8 Computer Technology Lead daniel.leal@ousd.org
Kenya Lee-Fletcher 6-8 SDC – Severely Handicapped kenya.lee-fletcher@ousd.org
Malia Lehman 7 Science malia.lehman@ousd.org
Gina Lozito 6 English gina.lozito@ousd.org
Seth Maher 8 Science seth.maher@ousd.org
Jill Neely 6 Learning Center Specialist jill.mammano-neely@ousd.org
Paul Richert 6-8 SDC Non-Severely Handicapped paul.richer@ousd.org
Kris Skinner Stip Sub kristopher.skinner@ousd.org
Deniz Thacher 7 Math susan.thacher@ousd.org
Ariel Thomas 8 History ariel.thomas@ousd.org
Max Washburn 6-8 Computers jean.washburn@ousd.org
Kimo Williams AAMA / Art sakima.williams@ousd.org
Samantha Youts 6 Science samantha.youts@ousd.org
Mika Zelie 6 Math mika.zelie@ousd.org


Staff & Administration

Name Role Email
Edana Anderson Community Schools Manager / 7th Grade Dean edana.anderson@ousd.org
Wendy Baty Math Support
Charmaine Belfast Lead Custodian
Dellie Cartwright Para Educator
Shante Dennis Para Educator
Julio Dominguez Instructional Support Specialist
David Doubley 7th Grade Dean david.doubley@ousd.org
Annette Escobar Instructional Support Specialist
Rachel Friedman TSA rachel.friedman@ousd.org
Juli Garcia Instructional Support
Jason Gilbertson Instructional Support Specialist
Marta Gonzalez Attendance Clerk marta.gonzalez@ousd.org
Evelyn Hardy Instructional Support Specialist
Rachel Hart Speech Therapist rachel.hart@ousd.org
Carol Jones Para Educator
Grace Kenny Librarian
Iesha Lee Cafeteria Manager iesha.lee@ousd.org
Lacy Lefkowitz TSA / 6th Grade Dean lacy.lefkowitz@ousd.org
Stephanie Lim Nurse stephanie.lim@ousd.org
Jonathan Mayer Principal jonathan.mayer@ousd.org
Dystany Ouk Instructional Support
Jennifer Porter Psychologist jennifer.porter@ousd.org
Kelsey Riley Counselor kelsey.riley@ousd.org
Lizzie Salzfass TSA elizabeth.salzfass@ousd.org
Larichea Smith School Secretary larichea.smith@ousd.org
Ruth Vogt Psychologist ruth.vogt@ousd.org
Gary Watson Assistant Principal / 8th Grade Dean gary.watson@ousd.org


Please note: If no email is currently listed for any teacher or staff member you wish to contact, messages may be sent via the school office (office@claremontms.org).

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