Envisioneers’ Expanded Learning Program

Envisioneers’ mission and vision align with that of Claremont  where Scholars will thrive academically and socially from a rigorous and balanced education, and a nurturing inclusive environment. Their primary focus will be to expand the learning opportunities of our scholars, meaning they are not only supporting scholars after school but throughout the school day as well. Envisioneers’ will provide teaching fellows during the school day to support scholars in the classroom and then extend into the after school portion of the day.

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For questions regarding the program at Claremont please contact Gene’a Mitchell – Genea.M@theenvisioneers.org

Onsite contacts (text at pickup):

Terrence Ransom
Campus Director
(510) 214-6810
Yyarimar Silva
Deputy Campus Director
(510) 560-4366

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Envisioners’ Director of North Bay Programs: Gene’a Mitchell – Genea.M@theenvisioneers.org