After-School Program

Bay Area Community Resources (BACR) is excited to be partnering with Claremont Middle School to provide the Afterschool program next school year. Our BACR Program is committed to providing a physically and emotionally safe environment where students can learn and grow through participation in enrichment activities. Claremont After school Program is operated by BACR, a regional nonprofit agency founded in 1976. Our mission is to promote healthy development among youth and families, encourage service and volunteerism, and build communities. BACR has provided after-school academic support, enrichment, and physical activity programming in Bay Area communities for more than 30 years and is currently providing over 90 after school programs across the bay.

The Claremont After school Program is a safe and fun place to be after school! It is designed for middle school students to partake in numerous enrichment activities connected with academics, explore their inner creative abilities, interests and talents, and be exposed to differer:it fun and engaging opportunities that will enhance their thinking, learning and development processes. Homework time and assistance will be provided Monday-Thursday. Please keep in mind that our program provides homework assistance, as well as other enrichment activities for our students. We do not guarantee that your student’s homework will be completed daily, so please check in with your student and look over their homework every night. Snack is provided daily for all students. Program is held Monday-Friday, operating from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. daily. Some highlights of program offerings beginning this fall: Variety of Sports, Cooking, Performing Arts, and Makerspace activities.

Download the BACR Information Packet and Application