The number one way to become a better reader is to read! Students who read over the summer grow their reading scores and become better students, just by reading every day. Often one of the main differences between stronger readers and others is that they read every day in the summer.

This summer we are challenging all of our scholars to read a minimum of three books. Remember – your brain is a muscle – the more you use it for reading, the stronger of a reader you become.

Click to download the Summer Reading Challenge Book Review Form »

For every book you read and fill out a “Shelf Talker/Book Recommendation” form, you will get a raffle ticket for our Summer Reading Challenge Raffle. There will be three main prizes, plus 25 Ice Cream Gift Cards to Smitten given away.

Prizes!!! There will be a $50 Apple Gift Card, two $25 Gift Cards, and one $25 gift card to Diesel Books raffled off. You get a raffle ticket for every book you read and shelf talker you complete. So the more you read, the more raffle tickets you get!

The 25 gift cards are good for a $4 regular ice cream at Smitten across the street.