During the 2017-18 school year, Claremont Middle School will offer an Algebra-Math Compression option open to all 8th grade students. This option will provide additional classroom time and homework covering Algebra I, with the goal of preparing students to take Geometry in 9th grade.

Please contact the school office by this Friday if you want to enroll your child in Algebra-Math Compression for the 2017-18 school year.

HOW IT WORKS: All 8th grade students will be enrolled in Math 8 as part of the required schedule of core academic classes. Students who choose to pursue the Algebra-Math Compression option will be enrolled in an additional class covering Algebra I. The Algebra class will meet four days a week during Advisory period, with one additional class session per week meeting for one hour either before or after school (schedule to be determined by the school administration). In addition to the extra class time, participating students will commit to approximately 100 minutes of additional math homework each week.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: We understand that the most important part of learning is a child’s effort and commitment to the subject. With this in mind, this class is open to all students. Participating students will be evaluated after the first six weeks in the program, and some students may be asked to withdraw from the Algebra class to focus on mastering the Math 8 curriculum.

GRADING AND COURSE CREDIT: Grading for the Algebra class will appear on the student’s transcript. A grade of A, B or C is required to pass the class. Students who earn a passing grade in Algebra and who pass a math placement test administered near the end of the school year will be eligible to enroll in Geometry when they enter 9th grade.