8th Graders are invited to the 8th Grade Dance on Wednesday., June 6 at 6pm at Claremont’s gym. Finger food and deserts will be served!!


When: Thurs., June 7 at 2pm

Students need to be on-site by 12:30pm. It will be held at the Temple Hill Auditorium, Mormon Temple in Oakland, located at 4780 Lincoln Ave., Oakland, CA 94602-2535.

Students need to provide their own ride to and from the Mormon Temple. If your student needs help finding a ride in order to be there by 12:30pm, please contact Ms. Lefkowitz no later than Tuesday, June 5th, via phone or email at

A few rules: There are certain requirements due to the nature of the venue that is asked of all attendees including:

  • Modest dress

  • No smoking, alcohol, coffee or black tea

  • No Balloons


All students will be allocated EIGHT tickets for family and friends to attend the Promotion ceremony. These tickets will be distributed to each student on Wednesday, June 6th, after promotion practice.

Families that need more than eight tickets should send a written request to Ms. Lefkowitz ( or leave a note in her box in the office) by Monday, June 4th.  If you are not in need of all of your allocated tickets, please let your child know to only take the amount needed.  We will give any additional available tickets on June 6th.

Requirements for Walking The Stage:

  • 2.0
  • No semester F’s
  • or Completed portfolios
  • Behavior expectations
7th grade families!
If you are able to help out taking tickets on Thursday June 7th, or chaperone at the dance on Wednesday June 6th, please let Ms. Lefkowitz know at