Update: The OPEN MINDS OPEN BOKS campaign has been a huge success.

We raised over $13,000 (including donations via the website and checks) from about 100 unique donors!

Thank you to everyone who shared the campaign with their networks!

If you still want to make a gift or want to share the campaign with your networks via text, email, or social media, go to https://www.claremontms.org/archives/2525 to learn more about the campaign. Go here to donate: https://www.youcaring.com/claremontmiddleschoolptaoaklandca-1177278.

The campaign will officially close on the last day of school.

Prior post: 

Please share / post / email your networks  — grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers, neighbors, and friends —  to help us reach our goal.

Below is a sample email that may be helpful.  You can also share the campaign through social media using the YOU CARING site.  Of course, donations from CMS parents are also always welcomed!

You can email Amy Golden, amgolden@yahoo.com, or John Ifcher, johnifcher@gmail.com, with any questions you might have.


Dear Generous Friends and Family!

As you may know, our children go to Claremont Middle School, a public, district-run middle school, located in Oakland, CA, with a diverse student body that includes students from all over Oakland. They have had a wonderful, enriching experience there.  Unfortunately, as I am sure you are aware public school funding is not what it used to be; and California is ranked 41st in the nation in per pupil spending.  Hence the need for fund raising and this email appeal.  Any amount you are able to contribute to this campaign will be greatly appreciated.  To help click: https://goo.gl/roCnmJ.  Below is a little more information about the Claremont Library.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


A little more about the Claremont library

Prior to 2011, Claremont’s library was closed or operated on occasion by volunteers.  Starting that year, the district provided funding for a part time librarian position, and the library was reopened with the help of many parent volunteers and district support.  The library has remained open to students since that time through a combination of district and PTA support.  Starting in 2017, the district withdrew its funding. Without district support, the PTA must raise a total of $40,000 to keep the library open.  Parents have already given generously, but the PTA must raise more to reach this goal, so the PTA seeks community contributions.

An onsite staffed library provides students with consistent access to current books, which is vital to students improving reading skills and igniting independent learning.  This Spring, Claremont hosted its first Celebrations of 1,000, a ceremony to commemorate student scholars who raised their reading scores more than two grade levels.  Students take advantage of computers in the library to work on research projects and finish homework. The library also serves as a social hub and communal space, providing a forum for student council, and lunchtime activities such as card games and group projects.

Please support the Claremont Middle School by making a donation today!