“The Claremont library is funded 100% by the PTA. In addition to my salary, the Fund makes it possible for me to provide our students with relevant, high interest, up to date books and magazines, as well as all the other materials needed to provide high quality library service. Your support of the Claremont Fund has a direct positive impact on our students’ experience. Our vibrant library program would not be possible without you.”

Carla Riemer
Library & Literacy Services

Make your tax-deductible contribution online by simply clicking here and selecting your level of giving. Or, make a check payable to the Claremont PTA and drop it off in the PTA box in the office with a note specifying that it’s for the Claremont Fund. You can also mail your check to the Claremont PTA, 5750 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618.

Whatever amount you choose to give, whether it’s a monthly donation of $20 or a one-time donation of $500, every gift matters.

If you have questions about the Claremont Fund or need assistance, please contact one of our Co-VPs of Fundraising, John Ifcher at johnifcher@gmail.com, or Tara McCulloch at tara.mcculloch@gmail.com.