Thank you for your support this year. Please tell us about your volunteer time for the 2017-18 school year!

Knowing the time you have put in helps us understand what you value and what areas may need more support. As part of the California PTA, reporting our volunteer hours helps maintain our nonprofit status and demonstrate that we are a hardworking, mobilized body advocating on behalf of public education.

To report your hours for Claremont, go to:

Some tips for filling out this quick survey:

What kind of hours should you keep track of? If PTA asks you to do it – count it towards your volunteer

Here are some examples:

Your Meeting Time:
• General Membership meetings, Executive Board meetings
• Meetings with Teachers/Administrators relating to PTA
• Any other meetings attended for PTA purposes
PTA Programs/Events Time:
• Set-up/Clean- up
• Actual events
• Shopping for event/activity
• Volunteering at school for PTA administered programs

Your Fundraising Time:
• Auction, Ride for a Reason, Claremont Fund planning, communicating, and attending
Communication Time:
• Phone Calls, Emails, Text Messaging
• Social Networking
• Promoting PTA to community

Your Preparation Time:
• For Meetings
• For Programs, Events, Activities
Advocacy Time:
• Oakland School Board meetings
• Contacting elected officials

Questions? Please contact Claremont PTA Historian, Elizabeth Falkner