Robocall Monday May 4th:

Hello parents and families, this is Mr. Mayer.  Hope this continues to find you safe and healthy.  We have a couple of important announcements for this week:

First, unfortunately, we are not able to open up the campus Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for the PE equipment pick up from locker rooms.  This has been temporarily postponed until we have further guidance from the district.  I will update you all this Friday or next monday with more information.  We are very hopeful this will happen soon.

Second, this is teacher appreciation week!  I think one of the best things that a student, parent, or family can do to appreciate a teacher is to send a simple, heartfelt note of appreciation to your teacher.  We are encouraging all students to send at least one note to a teacher, but if you feel so moved to send notes to several of your teachers, or all of your teachers, that would be a grand gesture!   Remember to say something specific that makes your teacher special.  For example – “You Rock, because you always make me feel welcome in class and are patient with me” is much better than a simple, “You Rock.”

To end teacher appreciation week, all OUSD teachers will be taking a wellness day, on May 8, in which they will not be posting work, or responding to communications!  So once again -there is no school on May 8th, teachers and staff are taking a wellness day.  We will be posting weekly announcements for students through their classes.   We will also send a link of it to parents via the grade level email.   Please encourage your child to send any pictures they would like included to either grade level Dean, Mrs. Anderson, or Mr. Doubley.  

Finally, Look for report cards which should become live on Aeries as of tomorrow afternoon or evening.  Students are receiving Credit, or No Credit for all classes as we have discussed in the past.  Feel free to request a paper copy by mail if you cannot access the report card.  Email the grade level dean, and we will mail you a copy or we can send the report card as a PDF if you prefer.

Again – I hope you are all doing well and getting outside, enjoying some of the fresh air and staying active at this time.