While it’s been a rough start to 2021, we are optimistic that brighter days are just over the hill. We hope that as you gear up for the year, you’ll join the R4R Virtual Challenge as a cyclist, runner or walker. While we cannot ride to Sacramento together, we can still get outside to pedal, run, and walk for equity and justice for our students safely in our pods or even solo.

The daily lives of our students, our students’ teachers, and our community of parents have been turned upside down for many in the R4R community. As a result, our impact as a fundraising entity is more crucial than ever.

For example, Edna Brewer Middle School put R4R funds to use in response to urgent pandemic needs, including tech support mini-grants for teachers to support the abrupt shift to online learning; stipends to professional musicians to support students in music classes; home PE Kits for every student to stay healthy and active remotely; and emergency support for 50 Brewer families who are having difficulty meeting daily needs such as groceries.  “Brewer has projected a 50% reduction in its ability to raise funds from its community—making the Ride 4A Reason funding even more important than ever.”

Our goal this year is to raise $180,000 for our 12 schools and we need as many hands on deck. A quick reminder that our registration fee goes up to $40 on February 1st. To sweeten the pot, longterm partner Sports Basement, will offer all new registrants, from now until January 31st, a 20% coupon that can be used online. So please join the team today!