More than 120 students completed a brilliant piece of Google art on their vision for the future. In a schoolwide and community vote, 8th graders swept the top places: Kai Stern-Yen won 1st place, Katie Runyon won 2nd place, Oliver Nelson won 3rd place, and Azul Fuentes-Smith and Henry Kagiwada tied for 4th place. There were also many runners-up who earned many votes as well: Sophia Klein (6th), Jack Klein (8th), Caitlin Lee (7th), Maya Looney (7th), Nico Quinn (8th), Ethan Riddell (8th), Leilani Robinson (8th), Dani Timmons (6th), and Khai Wilson (8th). Congratulations to all Claremont Google Doodlers for their hard work and creativity!

Kai Stern-Yen (1st Place):

Katie Runyon (2nd Place):

Oliver Nelson (3rd Place):

Azul Fuentes-Smith (4th Place):

Henry Kagiwada (4th Place):

Sophia Klein:

Caitlin Lee:

Jack Klein:

Maya Looney:

Nico Quinn:

Ethan Riddell:

Leilani Robinson:


Dani Timmons:

Khai Wilson: