The following registration dates have been set for students attending Claremont Middle School during the 2016-17 school year:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 16 for incoming 6th grade families
  • Wednesday, Aug. 17 for 7th and 8th grade famlies

Please come to Claremont any time between 8 a.m. and noon or between 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. to submit registration forms and learn more about the coming school year. Students are not required to attend registration. Enter campus through the Miles Avenue gate (across from the Rockridge BART parking lot) and walk straight across the school yard to the gym.

During the afternoon sessions on both days, you will also be able to register for the new after-school program (more info here).

What to Bring to Registration

  • To save time, download, print and fill out forms in advance (see below). Blank forms will be available at registration.
  • If you plan to fill out the forms on registration day, bring your health insurance information,  medical information, emergency contacts for friends and family members, and any other information you will need to complete the forms.
  • Bring up-to-date immunization records for your student. This is especially important for 7th graders, as state law requires all 7th graders to receive a TDAP (pertussis/whooping cough) vaccine before they enter 7th grade.
  • Bring cash or a check book to pay for P.E. uniforms. You will also have an opportunity to join the Claremont PTA ($5 membership fee) and to make donations to the Claremont Fund, which supports a wide range of educational programs and activities.

Downloadable Student Registration Forms

Use the links below to download OUSD forms you will need to register your child for the 2016-17 school year:

  • OUSD Student Emergency Card — Emergency contact information, medical information and disaster preparedness information.
  • OUSD Student Registration Packet (Policy Signature Page) — The last two pages of this four-page document must be filled out and signed by both the student and a parent or guardian.
  • OUSD Acceptable Use of Technology Consent Form — This form is required for all students and must be signed both by the student and by a parent or guardian.
  • Claremont PTA Membership Form — Use this form to join the Claremont PTA, a nonprofit organization of parents, teachers and staff that provides crucial funding and volunteer support for our school. All adult members of the school community are encouraged to join and get involved with making Claremont a better place for kids to learn and grow. The annual Claremont PTA membership fee is $5 for the school year.
  • CMS Community Directory Form — Use this form to indicate what contact information you want to include in our school directory, which is printed and distributed to all families in the fall. The form also allows you to opt out of being included in the directory and/or the school’s free email newsletter.
  • Request for Primary Language Assistance — Use this optional form to request free translation/interpretation services for your family.