We are excited to welcome our students and staff back onto campus! Be sure you get a good night’s sleep this weekend, and be ready for school! The first week of school will be minimum days, dismissal is at 1:15pm all week. As a part of our Restorative Restart, our teachers and staff will be reaching out to families in the afternoon to build relationships with our school community.

The MANDATORY back to school forms for this school year are to be completed online via the Parent Portal of Aeries, http://parent.ousd.org/. If you need support accessing the parent portal account, or need to schedule an in-person registration, please contact marta.gonzalez@ousd.org, our school Admin Assistant or edana.anderson@ousd.org, our Community Schools Manager. There will be site specific forms for you to complete on our Claremont Website, or available during the first week of school. Make sure you complete the data confirmation process to guarantee your child’s spot at Claremont. Due to an extensive waiting list of students trying to get into Claremont, students who are not registered may be dropped from our enrollment. Please contact Marta Gonzalez by email if you will not be returning to Claremont, or would like the virtual option. If you are holding a spot at Claremont and a non-OUSD school, please make a decision asap to allow families on the waitlist an opportunity to get in.

After School Program – Envisioneers’ Expanded Learning
Envisioneers’ mission and vision align with that of Claremont where scholars will thrive academically and socially from a rigorous and balanced education, and a nurturing inclusive environment. Their primary focus will be to expand the learning opportunities of our scholars, meaning they are not only supporting scholars after school but throughout the school day as well. Envisioneers’ will provide teaching fellows during the school day to support scholars in the classroom and then extend into the after school portion of the day. Click here to visit the Envisioners’ website. Email the Envisioneers’ Director of North Bay Programs, Gene’a Mitchell, with any questions or concerns.

Grade level supplies:
6th Grade School Supplies
7th Grade School Supplies
8th Grade School Supplies
Getting to school

Our Claremont student community is in need of some help! Please email Edana (edana.anderson@ousd.org) if you are able to participate in a carpool, walk-to-school, bus, or rideshare for any of the following areas:
• near 54th & Shattuck
• near Kaiser Oakland
• near Montclair