The Claremont PTA is in the final stretch of pulling together its board for the 2021-22 school year and our goal is to have a PTA board that is reflective of all parts of our school community. Being on the PTA board is a great way to learn about the school, provide input on the programs and events supported by the PTA and collaborate with other parents and guardians in the Claremont Middle School community. Check out this short video from our current PTA President, Dan Clifford.

At this time, the following positions remain open:

VP of Fundraising (runs the annual fund and other fundraisers, other than the auction which has its own volunteers)

VP of Communications (puts out the weekly Knightline and fields emails for grade communicators)

Secretary (takes notes at meetings)

To learn more about these roles, please email Leslie Ayers at or call/text (415) 260-1490. She will be able to share specifics about each position and put you in touch with the incumbents who can answer any questions you may have about joining the board.

Candidates for 2021-2022 school year PTA Board:
President – Penny Huang
Executive VP – Denise Dekker
Treasurer – Danny Kramer
Secretary – open
VP Fundraising – open
VP Events – Elaina Garvin Briant
VP Communications – open
Financial Secretary – Laura Mytels
Historian – Amy Golden
Parliamentarian (unelected position) – Jennifer Daskal

Summary of proposed changes to Claremont PTA Bylaws:

  • Move general PTA meeting months to start in September instead of August
  • Adopt California PTA changes to bylaws template, including permission for meetings to be held via teleconference, details on audit requirements and extending the period of time between mandatory updates to bylaws from 2 years to 5 years