The Board of Education at its Regular Meeting on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at approximately 7:00 P.M., (or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard) – virtually – will conduct the District’s annual hearing on the Sufficiency of Textbooks and Instructional Materials. The Board, at the hearing, will take testimony from pupils, parents, and staff as to whether the District has sufficiently provided required textbooks and/or instructional materials to pupils (hard copy or other media) at each and every pupil education site in the District not later than the eighth week of school (ending October 1, 2021) current school year.

The Board, at the conclusion of the hearing on September 22, 2021, after consideration of the staff’s recommendation and public testimony offered, if any, must make findings as to whether there are Sufficient Textbooks and Instructional Materials at each pupil education site. If “Yes,” in whole or in part, the Board will be able to so certify. If “No”, in whole or in part, then the Board must determine said shortages and how the shortages are going to be immediately made up.

District staff’s preliminary recommendation (i.e., Memorandum/Resolution) to the Board is for “full “Yes” certification” based on the last Textbooks and Instructional Materials Survey of each and every pupil education site in the District. The Notice of Hearing is now available in all major District recognized languages (attached). The preliminary or proposed 2021-22 Sufficiency of Textbook and Instructional Materials Report/Resolution for consideration and possible adoption by the Board, on September 22, 2021, is available and viewable, on the District’s Public Hearing Notice web page, Board of Education, in English and is expected to be available in other major District recognized languages, as soon as possible.