For the 2016-17 school year, Claremont 8th graders have been offered access to a Math8+Algebra 1 Compression opportunity that includes an optional before-school math class three days a week. Here is an overview of Math options for Claremont 8th graders excerpted from an informational document provided by the OUSD Department of Teaching & Learning – Mathematics:

All 8th graders will receive Math8 instruction in their current classes during the school day. Students who want to take on the challenge of learning Algebra 1 content as well will take an additional opt-in Zero Period, 3 days a week. Because the zero period will not meet every day, students who opt-in to this opportunity should expect to work very hard both in and out of class, and can expect more homework and a fast pace in the zero period. Because the two courses will not be integrated together, sequencing throughout the year will not exactly match Math8 and some content may be be experienced as more disjointed. In some cases, students may preview Math8 content in the zero period in order to access Algebra 1 content, and then will re-engage with the content with their peers in Math8 later in the year. Students who enroll in the zero period will need to be diligent about attending each class session, completing assignments on time, asking questions, and seeking additional help as needed.

The document also outlines criteria used to determine if students who participate in the Math8+Algebra 1 Compression opportunity will be recommended to take Geometry in 9th grade:

OUSD has a district wide policy for determining whether students who are enrolled in the Math8+Algebra 1 Compression course earn Algebra 1 credits and are recommended to take Geometry in 9th grade. We use a variety of measures, including:

  • Demonstrated proficiency with course content as measured by the Math8+Algebra 1 Compression Mid-Year Exam for (which includes items from both Mid-Year Exams for the separate Math8 and Algebra 1 courses);
  • Demonstrated proficiency with course content as measured by the Math8+Algebra 1 End-of-Course Exam;
  • grades; and
  • teacher recommendation based on class assessments, in situations where scores are contradictory or inconclusive.

If a student does not meet all of the criteria, then s/he will be recommended for a 9th grade Algebra 1
placement to earn the Algebra credits required for graduation.

The document from OUSD charts the full Math sequence for middle and high school grades, including additional opportunities for accelerated Math learning in high school.

Download the Math8+Algebra 1 Compression informational document here »