FREE Tutoring Resources

  • Oakland Library – Oakland Public Library is happy to now provide access to, a trusted resource for students and adult learners that offers live and FREE one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects. Live one-on-one assistance is available everyday from 12pm (noon) until 12am (midnight).
  • Learn In Shelter – During these unprecedented times, we as a group of student volunteers recognize the struggles of middle and high school students. We understand your problems as students due to recent school closures and are coming together on online platforms to support each other. Our mission at Learn In Shelter is simple: to provide free, high-quality tutoring for students in need. Our sessions are led by qualified tutors over zoom calls.
  • Bay Area Online Tutors – We are striving to bring a personal touch back to education while helping those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through much appreciated donations. To eliminate the financial restrictions students face we offer FREE K-12 Tutoring for a wide range of subjects.
  • Twenty-Four Tutoring is a coalition of high school seniors, committed to helping other students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts began with a simple idea: to help those who are struggling via free tutoring sessions. We are all members of the Duke University Class of 2024 who are volunteering their time. Click here for more information, or find them on Instagram & Twitter: @24tutoring, or Facebook: Twenty-Four Tutoring.