This message was sent out via grade emails and the ParentSquare app. 

Hello Families,

This is Mr. Mayer letting you all know about returning school materials this final week of school.

For 6th graders – please bring materials to school with you tomorrow, on Wednesday if you are doing in-person learning.  This includes any English books – World Without Fish; the Social Studies textbook; and any book from a  2:00 pm reading class.

If you are not doing in-person learning, there will be grade-level bins out on Miles Ave each day, starting today from 9:00 – 3:15 all week long. Please put any materials into the appropriate bin.

If you are in 8th grade, you should return the school-issued computers. If you got an Oakland Undivided computer, that is yours to keep. Those computers are marked with Oakland Undivided on the front.

Sixth and seventh graders, you are welcome to keep the school-issued computers over the summer.  Please use them for educational purposes only – go to the Virtual Claremont library or Oakland Library; you can also access Kahn academy and other educational activities on your computer this summer.

We look forward to seeing our sixth graders tomorrow, and our 8th graders at our remote and in-person promotions tomorrow and Thursday.  For 7th-grade families, know that your children will be our leaders next year and we are excited to welcome them back in the fall!

I hope you have a wonderful last week of school. Remember to get outside, breathe the fresh air, be with friends (safely), and read, read, read!

In Partnership,
Mr. Mayer