school_site_councilMembers of the Claremont Middle School community are invited to attend a meeting before school on Thursday to establish our 2016-17 School Site Council. This open meeting will take place on Thursday, Sept. 29, beginning at 7:30 a.m. in the Family Resource Center at Claremont Middle School (Room 8).

At this meeting, parents and community members will have an opportunity to elect parent and community representatives to the council. Teachers and other staff members will be elected by their peer groups to serve as school representatives.

California Ed. Code 64001 (a) requires schools which receive State and Federal funding, to establish a SSC. The major responsibilities of the SSC include the development of a Single Plan for Student Achievement, otherwise known as CSSSP (the Site Plan), monitor its implementation, evaluate the results, and make modifications as needed.

This council offers an excellent opportunity for parents, community members and sire personnel to work together and plan for student achievement. We encourage you to attend this meeting and elect your representatives to our School Site Council.


  1. SSC Training:
    • Responsibilities of the SSC
    • Composition of the SSC
    • Selection of Members
    • Officers: Roles and Responsibilities
    • Bylaws
  2. Peer Election of Members
  3. Election of Offices
  4. Approve Rules of Order and Bylaws
  5. Public Input
  6. Establish Date of Next Meeting