Hello families! I hope you are healthy and your family is doing well, making the best of this strange time period. We still do not have any updates about what school may look like in the fall at this time but we are doing our best to make the rest of this year as good as possible.

And on that note, we are having grade assemblies this Friday! We want to do our best during this challenging time to build community wherever we can. With that in mind, Claremont will be holding grade level assemblies this Friday! We are asking families – if possible – to dress in orange and black and encourage your child to join the assembly in full Claremont gear or black and orange. This is a great time for us to model school spirit and make connections with other students.

  • 9:30am – 6th grade

  • 10:00am – 7th grade

  • 10:30am – 8th grade

The link will be up on google classroom in at least one of the classrooms for each grade level.  6th grade will be in science.


  • The end of the Marking Period is this Friday April 24th, the new and last marking period begins on Monday

  • Grading is credit/no credit.

  • Expect students should have about 30 minutes per subject, daily, including PE and elective.  Hopefully the elective is something fun and skill building for life!

  • If a student has teacher for multiple class periods, the work time should be double.

Stimulus pledge If you are financially able, many OUSD schools are opting to pledge some or all of their stimulus to support families. For more info, go here.

In Partnership.
Mr. Mayer