Class of 2023

Hello incoming CMS families!!

So glad so many of you were able to make the incoming student social on May 14th, 2020!  We have a recording of the informational core of the event below.

The powerpoint is below.

A few other notes:

  • If you haven’t yet, sign up for the Knightline!  This newsletter has the most comprehensive information from the school, PTA and broader community.  During the school year, there is weekly communication, and over the summer it will be as needed(usually 3 or 4 times but may be more for this particular summer).
  • While it has yet to be updated for next school year, this page in particular on the CMS website, may be good if you are feeling you want more in depth information on how we do what we do at CMS.  The bottom of this page has a packet you can download that covers much of this info (with fun graphics).  Feel free in general to poke around the website for more information!
  • To get involved with the PTA please contact Elaina Briant at, if you are particularly interested in supporting the auction, please contact
  • For any questions on the after school program please contact Justin Byrdie at or call 510-809-7801.
  • Feel free to reach out to Ms. Lefkowitz (me) for 6th grade, Ms. Thacher for 7th grade and Mr. Galvan for 8th grade if you have any questions not already addressed!  We cannot guarantee immediate response after the end of May, so please check in with us before hand if possible!

Thanks everyone!  Hope you have a safe and healthy summer and if possible, under the circumstances, a little fun!