The annual fundraising drive for the Claremont Fund is under way, and we need your help to reach our $45,000 goal.

The Claremont Fund supports our teachers by paying for many materials used in the classroom. Here’s what Ms. Thacher, our 7th grade math teacher, had to say about how the Claremont Fund supports her teaching:

thacher“Being a teacher at an Oakland public school comes with rewarding moments as well as challenges. One challenge that teachers like me face is providing students with the resources they need to learn. Since students learn in different ways, it is important to have a variety of resources available for the engagement of all scholars. The Claremont Fund is a crucial part of why teachers at Claremont are able to provide unique experiences for their students. In relation to my classroom, the Claremont Fund has helped me buy different math manipulatives that support my tactile and visual learners. My students are the center of my work and therefore I want to provide them with the best classroom experience. The Claremont Fund makes me feel supported and valued by the larger Claremont community in my fight to provide all students with an interactive and equal educational experience.”
Ms. Thacher, 7th Grade Math Teacher

Make your tax-deductible contribution online by simply clicking here and selecting your level of giving. Or, make a check payable to the Claremont PTA and drop it off in the PTA box in the office with a note specifying that it’s for the Claremont Fund. You can also mail your check to the Claremont PTA, 5750 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618.

Whatever amount you choose to give, whether it’s a monthly donation of $20 or a one-time donation of $500, every gift matters.

If you have questions about the Claremont Fund or need assistance, please contact one of our Co-VPs of Fundraising, John Ifcher at, or Tara McCulloch at