Policies and Procedures

How to stay informed

Claremont Web Site: Visit the school website at www.claremontms.org to find teacher/staff contact information, the daily bell schedule, the school calendar and other useful resources.

Claremont Knightline Email Newsletter: Subscribe to this free email newsletter to receive updates about school news, events, activities and our wonderful scholars being highlighted for excellence in academics, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. Email news@claremontms.org to get subscribed.

Contact teachers: Feel free to contact teachers via email, or by leaving a message at the office. Due to the time constraints of the job, please give teachers at least 2 business days to get back to you.

Planners: Students will receive planners at the beginning of the year. They will use it as passes, but also will be expected to write down their homework daily. If your child is not doing this, incentive systems can be put in place to get them on the right habit!

Report Cards: The school year is split up into 6 marking periods. Three marking periods equal a semester. Semester grades stay on your child’s transcripts. Student report cards are distributed six times a year, about a week or so after the marking period ends. You are welcome to log into parent.ousd.org, to see current grades or report cards. Also, the school will send home a report card each marking period with your child.

School Visits: Families are welcome on campus to observe in a class. If you have not made an appointment, someone from the office will escort you for up to 15 minutes. You are not able to interact with anyone in the classroom or disrupt the learning. Please also put your electronics away in the classroom. If you would like to have a meeting with a teacher, or other personnel, please make an appointment, so that they will be available. Due to the time constraints of the job, we will be unable to honor drop in appointments.

Student Led Conferences: Advisory teachers will hold Student-Led Conferences twice – once this year for all students, and twice for any students who are not meeting academic grade level expectations. Student-led conferences (SLC) put the spotlight on the most important person, the student; help improve parent/caring adult involvement; and get the student to finally ask the teacher, “How can I improve my work?” SLCs put the students in the director’s chair, hold them accountable for their learning, and make them responsible for sharing their learning with their parent/caring adult. This allows them to see that by exercising their growth mindset, they can improve.

Telephone Messages: The school uses an automated “robo-call” system to deliver important
messages by telephone to our community. If you are not receiving these messages, contact the school office and let us know which telephone number we should use to keep you informed.

Grades and Homework

To access grades and other info: Students can go to student.ousd.org. They need to have their First Name, Last Name ,email address and lunch number. Parents, go to parent.ousd.org. This OUSD website allows registered parents and guardians to log in for online access to detailed information about their student’s school performance, including current grades, report card grades, assignments, standardized test scores and attendance. To register for an account you will need a valid email address, the home telephone on file for your student, and the verification passcode or VPC, which you can get from the school secretary or grade level deans.

To access the homework calendars for all grades: Go to the Claremont website at www.claremontms.org, and click the “The Claremont Learning Center” link on the right side of the webpage. By clicking on your child’s grade, you will see the syllabus on the left and homework due down the right side of the page.


Attendance: We expect every student to attend school every day, on time, and ready to learn. Academic success requires daily and punctual attendance. All absences and tardies must be verified by a parent or guardian.

Missed work: Regardless of the reasoning of the absence, all students must contact each teacher to get all work missed (homework, classwork, etc.) and turn in immediately. Any work not turned in when absent, will result in a zero and will negatively impact the grade. Please have your student see all teachers for missing work, the day they come back to school, so they have all the materials they need to make up their work quickly and avoid negative impacts on grades! Better yet, have your child arrange with other students to create “study buddies” who can get missing work when their buddy is absent!

Excused Absences: Parents must call or visit the office to notify staff on the day of an absence to provide the reason and/or required documentation to excuse the absence. We understand that there are life circumstances and when it is necessary to keep your child at home. Four types of absences can be excused:

  • Illness of child: a doctor’s note is required after 3 consecutive absences and after 5 non-consecutive absences.
  • Health or dental appointment: an appointment slip is required.
  • Death of an immediate family member.
  • Religious observance or court appearances need prior written notice

Please see California Ed Code 48205 for more information

Unexcused Absences: Even if verifying the absence, all other absences are considered unexcused, for example: family vacations, family emergencies, over sleeping, or parent illness. If the parent or guardian does not call or visit the office to provide an excusable reason or documentation, the absence will be marked unexcused.

Chronic absenteeism: Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% of the year or more, (even if the absences are excused). Our attendance team meets regularly to review data and determine interventions to support families. If your child falls under the 10% threshold at any time throughout the year, your family may be expected to follow an attendance contract through the Student Attendance Review Team (SART). Also expect to receive letters in the mail.

Tardies: School starts at 8:30 am. When a student is late, she or he misses important instructional time. Students who arrive after 8:30 will be marked tardy, and that tardy creates a TRUANCY. Tardies may be excused with a doctor’s note or appointment slip. Otherwise, the tardy will be unexcused.

Students who are tardy will receive a phone call home and will be notified that they have tardy detention. Tardy detention will be consistent week to week, barring days off.  Tardy detention will be consistent week to week, barring days off.
1 tardy = 10 minutes, 2 = 20 minutes, 3 = 30 minutes, 4 = 40 minutes, 5=50 minutes 6 = 60 minutes; more than 6 tardies in a week will result in an immediate parent-teacher conference so we can immediately support students to prioritize their academics.

Truancy: According to ed code, students will be considered truant, if they have more than 3 unexcused absences or missing more than 30 minutes of school on three separate occasions (including tardies) without a valid excuse in a school year. Please see Ed code 48260 for more information.

Independent Study Plan (ISP): You can request an Independent Study Plan from the Attendance Clerk for planned absences of five to ten consecutive days due to medical illness or surgery. A request must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance. Vacations are not considered a valid reason for independent study. Please make every effort to schedule vacations for the accumulated three months that students have break from school. There will be a team assembled to review and approve your request based on the reason for planned absence and eligibility (satisfactory attendance and academic performance). For more information, see Oakland Unified board policy 6158 and 5112.3 and Ed code 48232 and 48416 and please reference the OUSD Academic Calendar to assist with planning your travel.


STUDENTS WITH MEDICATION: For students that require medication during the school day, we must have current orders (orders expire after 1 year) completed by a physician and signed by the parent/legal guardian. Without current orders, medication cannot be administered at school without a parent/legal guardian present to administer the medication. Please provide an inhaler, or other medication labeled by the pharmacy to be kept here in the Main Office or School Nurse’s office. If a student can self-carry/ administer, it must be stated in the doctor’s order.

After School Program (BACR)

After School Program: We are happy to continue our partnership with Bay Area Community Resources as our lead agency for our After School Program, BACR. All Claremont families will be asked to complete an enrollment application prior to the start of school to ensure the safety of our students during our school funded events that occur after school. There are also fee based options such as after school enrichment and academic support.

School Expectations

Arrival, Dismissal and Office Visits: Students will enter and exit campus daily via the Miles gate.

Before School: If students need to go to the front office in the mornings before school, they should go through the main door and once their business is complete, leave through the main door and enter the campus through Miles gate.All students are to enter the building when the bell rings at 8:25. If they have business with a teacher and want to meet with them before that, they either need to have a pass from the teacher(written the day prior) or the teacher needs to meet them in the courtyard.

Dismissal: If students need to go to the front office after school, they should exit miles gate, walk around and come through the main door.If they have business with a teacher, they need to enter their classroom before they leave the building or they either need to have a pass.

Lunch time or after school extra support: Students are able to see teachers if they have business with a teacher in two ways.

  • They need to enter their classroom before they leave the building
  • They need to have a pass from the teacher they are hoping to see.

Office Visits: For any office visit during the day, students need to have a pass or radio communication. If it is in between passing periods, students need to have permission from their next period teacher, meaning they should go to their next class to get a pass, ensuring that the teacher of the current period is aware of their whereabouts.

Closed Campus: Claremont Middle School is a closed campus. All students are required to stay on school grounds during the school day. If a student needs to leave, they need permission from a parent or the parent needs to be present. Then they need to communicate with the office and sign out. This is done for safety purposes. Similarly, deliveries from outside sources such as uber eats, door dash etc, will not be permitted even if ordered by a parent, as it puts unknown persons on our campus. Please send your child with a school lunch or have them buy lunch on campus. If your child forgets their lunch, they can always get an IOU from the cafeteria or choose something from the food share bins for free.

Contacting your child: Parents who need to contact their child during the school day, please call the main office and our staff will get important messages to them. If necessary, we will pull them out of class so that you are able to speak to them on the phone. PLEASE do not call your child’s cell phone during school hours: it is disruptive to the classroom teachers, student learning, and will result in your child receiving consequences for phone usage at school. While we understand that parents may sometimes need to get a message to your child during the school day regarding after school plans, etc. We ask that you contact the school office so that a message can be given to your child without disrupting the educational and learning process.

Dress Code: Students shall at all times dress and groom themselves in a manner that is consistent with the Oakland Unified School District’s educational goal of providing a safe and secure educational environment. Consistent with the District’s goal of providing safe and respectful school communities, students are to dress and conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the seriousness appropriate in a learning environment. To further elaborate…

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. All shoes need to have a permanent back for safety reasons. This means that slides, crocs and flip flops are not permitted on campus.
  • Wearing of any attire, slogans, initials, colors or jewelry that advocate gang participation, use of drugs, alcohol or vulgarity is prohibited. Clothing should be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia, which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive.
  • Clothing needs to cover all undergarments.
  • Blankets are not a clothing option on campus. Students are free to wear sweatshirts and other warm clothes. Blankets will be confiscated, and will require an adult to pick them up.
  • Headgear, hats, hoods, visors and sunglasses are to be removed before entering the building, unless it is necessary for medical or religious reasons.
  • Wave caps, do rags, and hairnets are not allowed on campus. Headbands and the like are allowed, as long as more than half of your hair is visible.

For more information please see Oakland Unified Student and Family handbook.

Electronics: Cell phones, headphones, airpods, bluetooth & Electronic devices must be on silent and put away before your child goes through Miles gate. If you need to reach your child during the school day, you may do so by calling the front office at 510-654-7337. If a cell phone rings, or is visible, your child will be asked to turn it over to an adult.

  • Step 1: The first time a student violates this policy, the device will be held in the school office until the end of the day. Your child may pick up the phone at the end of the day and parents will be notified.
  • Step 2: The second time, the device will be held in the main office until the end of the day and a parent or guardian must come and pick up the device from the office. At the time, you and your child will be asked to sign a document stating that the next time your child is using the device on campus that it will remain in the front office for five days.
  • Step 3: A third violation of this policy means the device will be held in the office for five days. Students will be allowed to pick it up at the end of the fifth day.
  • Step 4: Further violations will be treated as Step 3.

Food: We are very excited to offer ALL STUDENTS a free Grab and Go Breakfast during nutritional break at 9:19-9:28. Please encourage your child to enjoy this nutritious and free meal.

All food will be eaten outside or in the cafeteria. Eating in the building may result in disciplinary actions, such as confiscation and contact home.

Food needs to be disposed of in trash and recycling cans.

All 6th grade students will be expected to eat lunch in the cafeteria area. 7th and 8th grade students will be able to eat food in all outdoor areas or in the cafeteria.

If your child is not taking advantage of school lunch, please ensure that lunch does not need to be refrigerated or heated up! There are no microwaves for students to use.

High Value Items: Please do not bring items to school that have high value. Claremont is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen. We will attempt to look and have a lost and found, but not bringing these items, will make it a non-issue.

Skateboards/Scooters/Bikes: Students are able to walk their skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc. to the bin or the bike rack in the yard before school. Once you cross Miles gate, they are not to be ridden. They can pick it up at the end of the day from the bin or the bike rack. We would like to encourage all students to wear a helmet for safety.

Student concerns: As students move into middle school, we do our best to encourage advocacy and agency. To this end, if a student has a concern, they should follow these steps. In an emergency however, adults or students should contact office directly.

Visitors to campus: Parents/caring adults who wish to visit the classrooms must pre-arrange such visits with the teacher. Twenty-four hours’ notice is recommended. Student visitors are not permitted. When anyone walks on campus, they need to go through the front door and will have to wait to get buzzed in. Then, they need to immediately report to the office, to sign in and get a visitor’s pass. The office is open from 8am-4pm. All visitors must report to the office and obtain a visitor’s pass immediately upon entering the building. Parents should call in advance to set up appointments with administrators and counselors to ensure their availability.

For the full document, please download the 2019-20 5th to 6th Grade Transition Packet or contact Lacy.Lefkowitz@ousd.org with any questions or concerns.

Download Transition Packet