Teachers & Staff


Name Grade(s) Class Email
Ari Brown 6-8 Music ariel.brown1@ousd.org
Santiago Bustamante 6-8 SDC / TACLE Program santiago.bustamante@ousd.org
Rushelle Carriere 7 English rushelle.carriere@ousd.org
Christine Dychinco 8 Math christine.dychinco@ousd.org
Caitlin Fallahay 8 English caitlin.fallahay@ousd.org
Jhunehl Fortaleza 6 English/Social Studies jhunehl.fortaleza@ousd.org
Antonio Gulley 6-8 Physical Education antonio.gulley@ousd.org
Sylvia Hahn 7 Learning Center Specialist sylvia.hahn@ousd.org
Alicia Jimenez 8 Learning Center Specialist alicia.jimenez@ousd.org
Pamela Johnson 6-8 Physical Education pamela.johnson@ousd.org
Ian Kaferle 7 Social Studies ian.kaferle@ousd.org
Sara Kahn Stip Sub sara.richard@ousd.org
Daniel Leal 6-8 Computer Technology Lead daniel.leal@ousd.org
Kenya Lee-Fletcher 6-8 SDC – Severely Handicapped kenya.lee-fletcher@ousd.org
Malia Lehman 7 Science malia.lehman@ousd.org
Gina Lozito 6 English gina.lozito@ousd.org
Seth Maher 8 Science seth.maher@ousd.org
Jill Neely 6 Learning Center Specialist jill.mammano-neely@ousd.org
Paul Richert 6-8 SDC Non-Severely Handicapped paul.richer@ousd.org
Kris Skinner Stip Sub kristopher.skinner@ousd.org
Deniz Thacher 7 Math susan.thacher@ousd.org
Ariel Thomas 8 History ariel.thomas@ousd.org
Max Washburn 6-8 Computers jean.washburn@ousd.org
Kimo Williams AAMA / Art sakima.williams@ousd.org
Samantha Youts 6 Science samantha.youts@ousd.org
Mika Zelie 6 Math mika.zelie@ousd.org


Staff & Administration

Name Role Email
Abraham Abullarade Community Schools Manager / 7th Grade Dean abraham.abullarade@ousd.org
Edana Anderson School Secretary edana.anderson@ousd.org
Wendy Baty Math Support
Charmaine Belfast Lead Custodian
Dellie Cartwright Para Educator
Shante Dennis Para Educator
Julio Dominguez Instructional Support Specialist
Annette Escobar Instructional Support Specialist
Rachel Friedman TSA rachel.friedman@ousd.org
Juli Garcia Instructional Support
Jason Gilbertson Instructional Support Specialist
Marta Gonzalez Attendance Clerk marta.gonzalez@ousd.org
Evelyn Hardy Instructional Support Specialist
Rachel Hart Speech Therapist rachel.hart@ousd.org
Carol Jones Para Educator
Grace Kenny Librarian
Iesha Lee Cafeteria Manager iesha.lee@ousd.org
Lacy Lefkowitz TSA / 6th Grade Dean lacy.lefkowitz@ousd.org
Stephanie Lim Nurse stephanie.lim@ousd.org
Jonathan Mayer Principal jonathan.mayer@ousd.org
Dystany Ouk Instructional Support
Jennifer Porter Psychologist jennifer.porter@ousd.org
Kelsey Riley Counselor kelsey.riley@ousd.org
Lizzie Salzfass TSA elizabeth.salzfass@ousd.org
Ruth Vogt Psychologist ruth.vogt@ousd.org
Gary Watson Assistant Principal / 8th Grade Dean gary.watson@ousd.org


Please note: If no email is currently listed for any teacher or staff member you wish to contact, messages may be sent via the school office (office@claremontms.org).

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